Khojaly - this is not a war! This is a mass killing, such violence is used against women, children or invalids.

KHOJALY, Azerbaijan Khojaly is a settlement of Azerbaijan, situated in the strategic point on the road Agdam - Shusha, Khankendi - Askeran near the only airport in Karabakh. Its population is more then 7 thousand people. At night from February 25 to 26 in 1992, the Armenian armed forces occupied the town of Khojaly. The occupation was carried out with active support of several units of the Russian Army's 366th regiment. Occupation of Khojaly was followed with unprecedented brutalities against the civilian population.
Chronicle of tragedy


Official data

613 killed, 487 wounded...

  • 613 people were killed, among them,
  • 63 children
    106 women
    70 elders

  • 8 families were killed completely.
  • 25 children lost both parents.
  • 130 children lost one of the parents.
  • 487 people were wounded, including 76 children
  • 1275 people were hostages.
  • 150 people were missing
  • The damage done to both state and private property estimated 5 billion rubles (according to the prices for 01.04.92)

    Sharing the fate of its population, the town of Khojaly had been completely destroyed as well....

    medical examination

    Results of the medical examination only 181 corpses, which were taken from Khojaly to Agdam. According to the distribution of injuries:

  • with bullet-151;
  • splinter-20;
  • with blunt instruments-10.
  • According to the places of injuries disposition;

  • head sphere-40,
  • chest-74,
  • stomach-17;
  • hands and legs-11.
  • On 3 frizzed hands and legs;
  • 33-torment - were taken off bosoms, noses, ears, shooting into the sexual organs of women, gouged out eyes, broken teeth, cut of sexual organs of men.
  • 31-were dead by different methods-from bullet's wound, from the injuries of blunt instruments, from cutting and pickling instruments, and so on.
  • 13 had-burning on surface body, charred.
  • 10 had-with bullet and splinter wounds;
  • established also traces of military technical equipment on their body.